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Help Mental Health Advocacy Services #BreakTheStigma of mental illness.

Support our provision of life-changing, free legal services to children and adults struggling with mental health disabilities in Los Angeles.

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Depression in teenagers has increased by 50% in the last ten years. 22 veterans die by suicide every day, or roughly one every 65 minutes. And approximately 60,000 individuals remain homeless in Los Angeles, the vast majority of whom are struggling with some form of a mental health issue. It is clear that we are experiencing a mental health crisis in our country and that we need to start to pay attention.

That's why Mental Health Advocacy Services (MHAS) is spending extra time and resources this Mental Health Awareness Month (May) to help #BreakTheStigma of mental illness.

The attorneys and advocates at MHAS fight every day to protect and advance the legal rights of children and adults with mental disabilities in order to maximize their autonomy, promote their equality, and secure the resources they need to thrive in the community.

Please consider making a special Mental Health Awareness Month gift this May to Mental Health Advocacy Services so that we can continue the #BreakTheStigma of mental illness. As an added bonus, any one who donates $50 or more will receive a special #BreakTheStigma stainless steel straw to bring with you to straw-less restaurants!